I know I said I wouldn’t talk about dieting and weight loss, because it’s a topic I hate reading about endlessly in magazines. However, I do want to talk about health – and healthy eating, because I feel it’s important and at present, it’s something that is a focal point of my life. I won’t be naming this new section ‘diets’ or ‘weight loss’, but ‘health’. And I feel this is very fitting.

I am jetting off somewhere sunny this summer (I think), and in order to feel just that little bit more confident in my bikini (and to be honest, in all of my clothes), I would like to lose a few pounds and just feel much more wholesome and healthier in myself. I will admit, I am a serial dieter and chocolate eater (usually more so the latter) however I don’t gorge on fast food all the time, I’ve never eaten at KFC, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve visited McDonalds and I very rarely eat Chinese takeaways because I am intolerant to MSG. I like a bit of chocolate (note – ‘a bit’ means a daily allowance) but I don’t eat too badly.

I’m not miserable about the way I look, but at the same time – I’m not overly confident either. I’m a size 12 (some of you on Twitter were shocked when I said this), occasionally a 14 in some shops and I’m 5’6. I’ve never been what you’d determine as ‘thin’ or ‘skinny’ but if I’m honest – I’ve never wanted to be. I have a bust and I have a bum and I’m happy with that. I think it’s feminine. I can’t wear little crop tops and skimpy skirts, but that’s never really been my style anyway. So I’m okay with that. It’s really only about feeling a bit healthier (not so sluggish all the time) and getting a bit fitter.

I am currently experimenting with the 5.2 diet, which is far less restricting than other diet plans I know of and allows you to eat (within reason) what you want, when you want it. For 2 days a week, you stick to a 500 calorie diet (your ‘fasting’) and on the other 5, you eat normally. Of course, on the days I haven’t been fasting, I’ve stuck to a healthy 1200 calorie plan, rather than ruining my ‘good’ days but it is far better knowing you haven’t got a whole week of starving yourself. It’s just 2 days, which I can handle.

I tried the Dukan diet a few months back and by the end of week 2, I honestly felt like I wanted to kill someone. No exaggeration – any irritation would set me off, and the hunger overtook me completely. As a protein only plan, it probably wasn’t the best diet for vegetarians, but I lost half a stone in two weeks, which is pretty good going.

500 calories a day, honestly isn’t much at all and I am hungry and grouchy. But on the other days, it’s just about being good rather than restrictive – which really, is how you develop healthy habits that you (hopefully) keep once the diet has finished. I’ve had to come up with healthy alternatives to my favourite dishes, and so far – I’ve found (and invented) a few new recipes that are super tasty.

On my 500 calorie days, I have porridge for breakfast (130cal), half a pot of soup for lunch (129 cal) and the other half for dinner (129 cal). If I feel like I’m craving a snack, I have a green tea – or a hand full of frozen grapes (have you tried them, they honestly taste like sweets?). I’m not going to lie and say it’s an absolute breeze, but you can make it interesting – and it is only 2 days of your week.

So far, in one week of doing the 5.2 ‘diet’, I’ve lost 4.5lbs – and I aim to continue doing the plan until I go away this summer. It’s going to be difficult, but hopefully it will help me develop good habits and allow me to experiment with healthier dishes. I will be posting about my progress, but if it’s not something you want to read about (I know constantly reading about ‘getting fit for summer’ doesn’t interest everyone), feel free to filter out the health section.

Another vice of mine is the takeaway, an awful (yet delicious) invention that is so quick, easy and simple to back down too that it is normally the reason for so many of my failed diets. I love the fact you don’t have to prepare the meal, you can simply choose from a list of options and have it delivered. What I don’t love, is just how calorific it is. Honestly, it’s a bit sickening. So, I’m going to be reviewing a healthy takeaway in the next week or so (yes, you heard correctly). A healthy, yummy, delicious (and delivered to your door) takeaway!

So, watch this space for healthy recipes, snacks and meal ideas. I’d love to hear your advice and stories – so please feel free to get in touch!

***Also, I just wanted to say, I’m really sorry that my blog has been down intermittently this week. Unfortunately blog.com’s server is very unreliable and it keeps shutting down – and also disabling the comments section. I am moving over to a new website host, hopefully by the end of the month – and will be launching my new website, which I hope you’ll all love. I’m really sorry it’s been down, but please bare with me – and I promise I’ve got lots of great content coming up to make up for it!