I might be rather confident when dictating what other people should wear, but when it comes to me and what I can/should/may wear – it is a very long, drawn out process that can involve tears, arguments and of course – it wouldn’t be complete without – proclaiming the famous statement ‘I have NOTHING to wear’. So, I’ve decided I’m going to be prepared when it comes to the Company Style Blogger Awards (which I believe are going to be held sometime in June) and I’m going to be fully equipped with an outfit, right down to the accessories. That way, the usual fiasco can (fingers crossed) be prevented.

I decided to put together a few outfits, before deciding which one was right for the occasion, and I still haven’t really decided (oops), so hopefully you can help me! I really dressed up for the Cosmo Blog Awards back in October (see above) and I’m not sure whether to go quite as formal, or tone it down a little?

Boohoo Darcey Printed Sleeve Bodycon, Boohoo Madison Beige Cut Out Wedges, Topshop V Collar, Zara Mini Shopper,   Topshop Nails in Air Kisses

I am literally obsessed with Boohoo’s Madison wedges at the moment, so this very summery look is very much inspired and based around the shoes. I love the patterned bodycon, and I especially love the Zara mini shopper. I have very nearly bought it several times, but I want to know how big it looks in comparison to the wearer (I know that’s a strange thing to say, but I want to know quite how ‘mini’ it is before I buy it). There’s a lot going on in this outfit, but how often does your blog get nominated for an award and you get to celebrate it, eh? Why not go all out with the outfit too?

Warehouse Necklace Halter Dress, Zara Tiger Print Clutch Bag, Boohoo Scarlett Black Strappy Heels, Topshop Rio Rio Lipstick, Topshop Rhinestone Facet

When better to wear a LBD than to an awards ceremony? My favourite one at the moment is this halter neck strappy dress from Warehouse, and it’s been sitting in my online checkout for over a week (should I buy it). I think it would go really nicely with the Boohoo Scarlett Black Strappy Heels (can you believe they’re only £30) which I bought earlier this week (unfortunately, they’ve now all sold out in black). I think I’d round off the outfit with the best accessory known to man – red lips.

OR – should I go for one of these pretty little numbers?

I guess the decision hasn’t been made by me after all then…

Are you coming along to the Style Blogger Awards? Has your blog been nominated? Do you have your outfit planned yet? I’d love to hear what you think!