If you’re a regular reader, you will know that I currently blog for Pia Michi and write a monthly ‘round up’ article of the famous faces wearing their gorgeous couture designs. Last night definitely stood as a showcase of their new 2012 collection, which included a vast amount of sequinned leopard print and floaty fabrics. Guests included Amy Childs, Amy Willerton, Cindy Jackson, Gemma Collins and Jess Wright – and I had the pleasure of meeting all of them!

The night started off at 7pm, where guests mingled in the foyer of the Millenium Hotel, Mayfair. This was a great opportunity to get talking to people, and I met the lovely Dr Dan Dhunna who donated a fantastic raffle prize, as well as his gorgeous PR lady Lisa Curley. I also spoke with Sue Moxley (Famous Cosmetics) and Sappho from Sparkling Jewellery. It was lovely to finally see the ladies in the flesh, as I speak regularly with them on Twitter and have enjoyed working with them (and hope to again in the future). The event’s dress code was formal, and I have to say – I did feel a little underdressed in my short Lipsy dress compared to all the other ladies in their long Pia Michi gowns, but the array of dresses on show have definitely given me lots of inspiration for my prom dress this year!

At around 8.30 (ish, I did lose track of the time quite quickly as my champagne glass was topped up regularly) we were called into the ballroom to take our seats for the fashion show. Lizzie Cundy hosted the catwalk, and Nicola McLean opened the show; with her stunning cut out dress. Models then strutted down the catwalk in Pia Michi’s new collection, which I have to say – looks amazing! I did attempt to take a few photographs of the show itself, so I could give you a sneak preview of what to expect from Pia Michi in the next few months! As I’ve said, it definitely gave me plenty of inspiration for my own prom in June and I’m saving up for a Pia Michi gown of my own.

As the fashion show drew to a close, guests started to get up and mingle (and in true ‘crazed fan’ style – although I’m not I promise) I asked the famous guests if I could have a quick photo. I spoke to the lovely Gemma Collins, who looks much slimmer in reality than on television! I also spoke to Amy, her mum Julie and her manager Claire. I told Amy that I regularly blog about her and that I’d love her to take a look, she said she would but also told me that her stylist Jade Elliot is currently writing a blog about Amy’s style – and so if any of Amy fans are also regular blog readers, then it’s definitely something to check out! She looked very lovely in the flesh (as I imagined she would), but had to change before the catwalk show as another guest was wearing her dress. It’s quite strange meeting people you see so regularly in the media, as (I personally) imagine them to be so overpowering, when in actual fact they are genuine, down to earth REAL people. Amy’s mum Julie said that whilst the cast of TOWIE were quite regularly ‘attacked’ by the press in their first series, she now can’t believe how much things have dramatically changed and what a year it has been for Amy.

I also met Katie Price’s protégée Amy Willerton, who came across as very articulate and intelligent. I can’t believe she’s only a year older than me, as she is so determined and head strong – and she really knows what she wants. I asked her what’s in the pipeline for Amy Willerton, and she told me that she has a few things planned but Katie’s management are keen for her to go down the glamour modelling route, but she isn’t so keen herself. I wished her the very best of luck in her future endeavours, and I genuinely meant it! She’s a lovely, genuine girl who is taking every opportunity in her stride – so I hope she is successful!

I also had a chat to Mark Wright’s lovely mum Carol about the way in which TOWIE is edited. She said that Mark wanted to branch away from being edited as a certain character, and be shown as he is in reality. She also told me that Mark is out of the country at the moment, and is due to be starting some exciting projects very soon!

The night was rounded off with an auction for Barnados, which managed to raise over £5,000 for the wonderful children’s charity. I didn’t purchase anything myself from the auction, but there were lots of men buying dresses (possibly as late Valentine’s presents for their wives/girlfriends?).  I did however, buy several raffle tickets – and I’m not sure if the raffle has been drawn yet, or if it is due to be drawn tonight! (I will let you know!).

I really enjoyed the event! Although I’m sure many of the guests have been to similar events/go to similar star studded events on a regular basis – it was a first for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was quite nerve-wracking at first approaching people and telling them about my blog, but I’m really pleased I went and hopefully this event will be the first of many! As an aspiring showbiz journalist, I understand that the most important thing to do is networking – and I did meet some really lovely people last night!

Thank you ever so much to Penny at Pia Michi who organised such a fantastic event and invited me to blog at the event. I had an amazing time, and hopefully I will be able to blog at similar events in the future!