Dressed in a skimpy Dolly Boutique bikini, Amy Child’s promoted her new fly-on-the-wall show ‘It’s all about Amy’ yesterday at a press launch. The show follows Amy’s stint on BB and the opening of her new salon, as well as giving an insight into the ‘world of Amy’ and her family. I’m not quite sure she felt the need to promote the show in her bikini (a lovely bikini at that), however I’m certain that the opening show on Thursday night will hook in the viewers, who have missed Amy since she left TOWIE in series two.

Amy also sported several ‘vajazzle’ type diamante designs on her thighs, which I suppose where suitable seeing as we will probably be hearing much more about ‘vajazzling’ whilst watching the show. Personally, I think of Katie Price when I see these photographs of Amy promoting her new show as Katie always managed to ‘wow’ viewers by her launch costumes, and skimpy swimsuits. Although I still enjoy following Katie Price’s ventures, I think that Amy will soon take over her role as ‘glamour women with Business Empire’.

I’m sure we will all be tuning in to watch Amy’s show on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 5, even if its just to be curious. I really think that Amy’s down to earth, ditzy girl nature is going to be quite endearing for viewers – but we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? Do you love Amy’s dolly boutique bikini or should she have covered up for her launch? Does Amy remind you of Katie Price? Will Amy Childs ever be as successful as Katie Price? Let me know what you think!

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